Lot Of Holos & Promos (soon to be posted on StockX) ***Willing To Throw In All Of The Followig Holos From My Personal Collection*** 1 Limited General Mills Holo From 25th Anniversary Promo Pikachu 1 Additional GX Holo (Charizard GX, Mewtwo GX, or Raichu GX) 1 Holo Japanese Meganium Yugi Oh: Blue Eyes White Dragon Holo Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon Black Luster Soldier Holo + Black Lister Ritual Holo Dragonball Z: Gold Vegeta Gold Zarbon Piccolo + Goku Fight Scene Goku SS Scene 1993 Marvel Masterpieces Hulk IronMan Shattter Star Vulture Doctor Strange War Machine Vision Absorbing Man Drax

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