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(Sorry in advance I'm not sure how to fix the discription below. It looks fine when I edit but shows on the add all messy) 1.)Swing tag = no comma after Oakbrook 2)Swing tag = listed with rare Fareham, Hants location 3)Swing tag = missing "UK" after P015 5TX 4)Swing tag = has style number next to name 5)Swing tag = has birthday written in all numerics, when it should be spelled out 6)Tush tag = No star next to TY logo 7)Tush tag = missing red stamp (indicating handmade) 8)Tush tag = no comma after Oakbrook 9)Tush tag = comma after IL (instead of period) 10)Tush tag = rare P.V.C. Pellets 11)Tush tag = 1965(KR) shows made for original Korean market Brand new condition.  Has plastic protector over swing tag.  Has been kept in temperature controlled storage.


Free shipping he will be packaged with care and shipped the next day after purchase.

Ships to: USA, Canada
Ships From: Chiloquin , Oregon 97624


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For Sale


$2,005.25 below worth - View Comparables

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