Snort the Bull ALL TAG ERRORS Beanie Baby Rare



(Sorry in advance I'm not sure how to fix the discription below. It looks fine when I edit but shows on the add all messy) 1.)Swing tag = no comma after Oakbrook 2)Swing tag = listed with rare Fareham, Hants location 3)Swing tag = missing "UK" after P015 5TX 4)Swing tag = has style number next to name 5)Swing tag = has birthday written in all numerics, when it should be spelled out 6)Tush tag = No star next to TY logo 7)Tush tag = missing red stamp (indicating handmade) 8)Tush tag = no comma after Oakbrook 9)Tush tag = comma after IL (instead of period) 10)Tush tag = rare P.V.C. Pellets 11)Tush tag = 1965(KR) shows made for original Korean market Brand new condition.  Has plastic protector over swing tag.  Has been kept in temperature controlled storage.

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